Handy Soft Keys


A virtual version of the buttons on your Android



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Handy Soft Keys is a simple app that allows you to use a virtual version of the 'back', 'home', and 'recent apps list' buttons on your Android.

To use this app, all you have do is download it, access the accessibility features of your Android (included in the 'system menu') and activate 'Handy Soft Keys'. Once you do this, all you have to do is reboot your phone.

After rebooting your phone, you just have to push lightly on the right side of your Android so that 'Handy Soft Keys' menu appear. If you don't touch any buttons, the menu will disappear in just 2 seconds, so that it won't bother you.

Handy Soft Keys is a very useful tool for Androids that supplies a regular benefit on iOS terminals, but isn't found on Android by default.
Cracked mobile phone screen? Handy Soft Keys might just do the trick

It always happens when you least expect it: that awkward moment when your smartphone suffers a rather theatrical fall that cracks the glass on your screen, breaking the physical buttons, or even worse, paralyzing parts of the touchscreen. If you’ve been so unlucky, the Handy Soft Keys app might turn out to be of great help in letting you use your phone temporarily until you can fix it since it lets you enable virtual buttons that you can access from any part of the screen.
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Requires Android 4.1.2 or higher.

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